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Crafts on the Menu

Grab a seat at the cafe and order a craft from the menu, we will bring you a DIY kit with all the tools and materials you'll need and an instruction card, complete with visual references for all types of learners and helpful tips from Cal, The Craftin' Cowboy of the Wild West Bottoms! 

ADHDIY Craft Cafe Menu (5 x 3 in).jpg

Cal's Crafts

Pour a Candle $15+

Choose scents from Untamed Supply, and pour your own candle! Vessle + ounces of wax  

Embroider a 4'' Hoop $25

Freehand or follow guided videos to create floral designs!

Macrame a Keychain $15

Create your own macrame keychain. Comes with chord, tools, and your choices of charm.

Carve a  Stamp $25

Freehand or choose from set designs to carve yourself!

Weave a Wall Hanging $35

4x6 pre strung loom as well as up to 30 color options and variety of textured fibers.

Paint a Canvas $15+

4x4, 8x8, or 11x16 canvas, - comes with a variety of brushes and your choice of paint colors.

Start a Crochet project $15

Crochet anything from a coaster to the beginning of your very first blanket.

ADHDIY Craft Cafe Menu (5 x 3 in).jpg

Plant Based Menu

Create a Dry Bouquet $30

Choose from provided dried stems to create your desired bouquet.

Terrarium $40

Design a custom terrarium with up to three 4 inch plants and a selection of decorative minis.

Kokedama $35

Create your very own potless, suspended plant.

Paint a Pot $35

Paint your own 2 inch Jeff Mchenry ceramic pot! Comes with 2 inch plant, pot and saucer.

ADHDIY Craft Cafe Menu (5 x 3 in).jpg

The Canteen 
Proudly serving Big Heart Tea

Blue Lullaby 

Butterfly Pea + Peppermint + Tulsi

A merry blend of butterfly pea, tusli, and peppermint! Brews a snow blue, perfect for a chilly night.


Red Rooibos + Peppercorn + Chai Spice

A Peppery and naturally sweet chai that warms you up from the inside out.

Chamomile Mint

Chamomile + Spearmint + Lemongrass

A naturally sweet and minty tea that's calming and inspiring.

Cup of Love

Rose + Tulsi

This rose tea is a light and floral tea!

Royal Treatment

Mint + Lavender + Gingko leaf + Tulsi

This relaxing and stimulating mix of mint and lavender will soothe your senses.

Spiced Rose

Rose + Hibiscus + Cinnamon + Black Tea

A malty black tea with a touch of floral and spice!

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