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The ADHDIY Craft Cafe Story

Rewind 5 years, and you'll find Austin and Tristan in a very different place. Austin quit his full time management position in retail and dove into the plant world while Tristan was teaching pre-school. The two eventually moved to Florida to pursue Austin's Photography, and gain a change of scenery for the couple. That's when The Craft Daddies  was started as a creative outlet as we explored macrame, embroidery, polymer clay accessories, stained glass, concrete molding, crocheting   ( I literally opened our craft bins to type this list....) I think you get the point here. Our brain's constant need for new stimulation has propelled us into learning so many new skills throughout the years and we want to share the joy by offering this new venture for others to come and experiment with new materials and tools and prove to themselves that everyone is capable of being an artist.

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Oil Painting
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